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semore buckz

    Hailing from Cambridge MD, a small town arguably known for everything besides music, Semore Buckz aims to break the mold and stand out above all other MC’s, and be the next iconic figure for the new generation. With the support of his hometown for both his lyrical ability & street credibility, Buckz feels it’s time to let his presence be known to the rest of the world.


    Semore Buckz was first introduced to hip-hop through his diverse collection of CD’s, mixtapes and cassette tapes he owned as a kid, full of NYC’s hottest rappers at the time including The Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Jay-Z, AZ, DMX, The Lox and many more. When Semore Buckz started middle school, he got his start in hip-hop by battling other emcees, under the rap name “Gage Da Grinder.” By the time he graduated middle school, “Gage” had built himself quite a buzz as a respected MC; battling and winning against artists twice his age.


    A few years later when he turned 16, Buckz got his first break performing for the first time at Club Sonar in Baltimore, MD, introducing his sound to a town who had never heard him before and seemed impressed. After receiving the newfound love and respect from people he had never met, Buckz decided it was time to pursue his dreams of becoming a top MC.

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